Personal Development Assessment: How to clean up your life

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On your journey of life, it’s important to step back and take a moment to clean up after yourself. Yes! You are no longer the student you were from elementary or high school anymore but you must have kept certain aspects of yourself from your formative years. From your physical surroundings to your mental self, it’s good to step back and take a moment to analyze the path you’ve traveled since then. We’ll take a look at how you can learn about yourself by doing your Personal Development Assessment.


Spring Cleaning


When you think of the phrase, “Spring Cleaning,” most would associate this term with cleaning out your physical belongings after a long winter. But this term can be applied to more parts of your life as well, including your personality and persona. From Marie Kondo’s teaching, the pro-organizer with an inspiring Netflix show, she can help guide us. “Keep what brings you joy and get rid of everything else.” We’ll take her advice and use it to clean up ourselves. 


Take inventory of yourself. Does your childish curiosity bring joy to your life? Do your teenage insecurities bring joy to your life? Sort out what your personality traits are: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Then, decide if that’s what you still want to bring with you on your ongoing journey. This isn’t something that’s done in a day. It’s a process, but the first step is identifying where you can grow. What aspects of yourself can you do better? What aspects of yourself do you genuinely love about yourself? What’s something you wish you could do better?


Self Care


This term “self-care,” has been overused and misunderstood. Yes, you can still treat yourself to the occasional movie or TV show or even binge on those extra snacks. However, that’s not the definition of self-care we’ll be using, effective self-care doesn’t involve numbing activities such as the ones mentioned earlier but rather self-improvement.  Many of us lack sleep and lack a healthy method for stress relief. Ask yourself: Is what I do in my free time healthy for my mental, emotional, and physical health?


Scrolling through social media or plopping down on your couch to watch another Netflix movie are forms of numbing mechanisms to avoid taking care of one’s self. It’s something you will think “I’ll regret this tomorrow morning,” and you do. It’s true, it’s difficult to put on a yoga or workout video and convince yourself to start exercising tomorrow. But sometimes, you just have to decide to change now, with the motivation, thinking, and stress-relief benefits that you’ll gain from doing so.



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