Why YOU Should Host a Summit

Posted In General | Posted On 7 July 2020 | Posted By Stacy Braiuca

You must be a business professional, looking for reasons to host a summit. What is a summit in the first place? Summits are conducted by decision-makers who seek to achieve a goal or mission to gain more leads or clients. 


“Well, why should I host a summit? What’s in it for me?” Glad you asked! We’re here to help you understand how a summit can help you better. Although it depends on your goals, there are numerous reasons why YOU invest time and effort into hosting a conference.


Who should host a summit? For one, speakers and authors can have a platform to showcase their expertise to a large following, spread awareness for a product or book, reach new audiences through these summits by spreading their messages, and collaborate with fellow peers and speakers. Another great example would be consultants and coaches: they can gather within their specialized niche and create an online summit as a common ground to cross-promote to your audiences. It’s also possible to connect with clients in your specialized area, and find more leads! 


By hosting a summit, you’re able to add leads and clients to your businesses and communicate your message effectively to your audiences. Summits allow you to generate leads for your business: before, during, and after your summit, you can communicate to any parties involved and network with your peers. 


If you’d like to host a summit, we would help you out with the heavy lifting and the small details such as the technology needed. You won’t need to worry about the new software, leave that to us! We have a production team with over 50+ years of experience combined to handle our Summit packages from Basic to full Ready for Television Series.


Nonetheless, hosting a summit would benefit your company and brand in many ways, making you approachable and gives a common ground for you and your guests and speakers to connect and network to support and promote each other’s goals.


Stacy Braiuca

I am a 40+ year geek girl, a 25 year clinical therapist, and a 13+ year public health professional. I am a technology "therapist", aka productivity coach who also happens to be a clinical therapist. I am in Kansas City Missouri. I serve entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, healers, wellness professionals, and businesses increase their productivity by using the right technology tools to fit them, and also help them produce online "conferences" (aka Summits, virtual events). I can use support around sales and would always love more affiliates willing to help me promote while earning a commission.

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