3 Fantastic Ways to Get Leads to Your Opt-in

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In tis next part of our series on how to build your sustainable business, we want to help you get more leads and get a sizable audience to opt-in to your product or service. We also have some tips on how to make an opt-in page, right here! But once you have an opt-in page, now what? How do we get more people to click on your site and get them to fill in their personal information to sign up for your mailing list?


Landing on to your page


When your potential lead first comes on to your website’s landing page, what’s the first thing they see on their phone or computer? Most people expect to understand what your business is all about; let them know what they are signing up to receive. Stay unobtrusive; try not to barrage your reader with a lot of information all at once. 


Your lead can click off at any point if they think there’s too much to read. However, the opposite is correct: your lead can click off if your lead isn’t sure what you’re trying to sell to your audience. Be explicit and tell the audience precisely what the client will get when they sign up. What does the customer get from signing up for your mailing list? Coupons? Online resources? Email newsletters about your business regarding your product or service? “What’s the point in giving you my information?” is what goes through many consumer’s minds. 


Aesthetics is key


How your landing page looks is critical! Any lead would click off of a site that looks ugly or doesn’t have a pleasing color scheme. The opt-in part is one of the most important to consider since that’s how you, the business, can connect with clients through their email list. Making a responsive opt-in, such as an attention-grabbing red button to get people to notice that first (when the user moves their mouse on the button, it should interact somehow. Maybe it changes colors?)


You should have multiple places that lead to opt-in. Whether you put something in the footer or header of your website that follows the user around as they traverse through your business site or you create a noticeable dedicated page just for leads to put their emails on, make it simple. Try putting it along the side of your website, or the feature box, usually displayed in a box before the page content, to make that the first thing they see when they come to your page.


Ask people to share


Once you have one person, how do you get more? Word of mouth still works well! Incentivize your current audience to share your content. If X amount of people share this article/ sign up for your product, then reward your audience and celebrate the whole company mailing list. Make that value change to how many people are on that mailing list. Maybe personal rewards, once someone sends your email to at least five emails and they sign up with your code, offer a special treat to thank the person who shared.


Even with a small or limited mailing list, this is still doable. Giving your concrete audience numbers gives them something to work towards rather than the abstract concept of just sending an email to a friend. For example: if everyone who sees this email were to share this email with one other person or sign up for my mailing list, we could fill up a whole stadium. Something along those lines would encourage people to share your email or website information without being too intrusive. 

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