How to find your life’s purpose

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What is the meaning of life? That’s one of life’s burning questions and yet, there’s no clear answer to that question. It’s not possible to tell you what your meaning is in one article but here are some guiding questions you can ask yourself to help reach your purpose in life. Be warned: it takes a lifetime to realize the meaning of your life is, don’t be frustrated if you do not find it immediately.


There are two main things you need to discover about yourself to find your purpose in life. By knowing these things, it helps outline the course of your present and future. Keep in mind, you should reconsider these things multiple times throughout your life; I’m sure the goals and ambitions you had as a child are not the same as you have today. A good rule of thumb would be to answer these questions off the top of your head and not to overthink it. Write it down, type it up, do what you need to record your thoughts that first come to your head. 


The first main topic to think about is your passion and your skills. What are your passions? What are the subjects that genuinely interest you? What class did you enjoy the most in school? What subject would want to learn more about? What are you already proficient in? What are your skills? What role do you usually fulfill in your job; are you the goal-setter? Do you see the big picture or are you more interested in the details? Are you good with people? Write down some other skills that you may be proud of to narrow down the things you love to do. 


The next big topic you need to explore is a little confusing, but you need to discover how you can serve people. What are the things that you are meant to do to serve others? Think about what you want to give to others. What do you wish to leave behind after your first impression or after you leave your work for the day? On a grander scheme, what do you want to leave behind after you leave your job? What do you hope people learn from you when you interact with them?


Now that you have the two big topics, your next step is to combine the two. Your passions and your skills + how you can serve people = your true calling in life. Sometimes these areas overlap, sometimes they don’t and that’s okay! It helps to identify the things that you most care about and incorporate that into your greater purpose in life.


To help guide you through your journey of self-discovery and growth, it’s important to have a way to organize your thoughts. You can get my get My Personal Development Workbook that comes with questions to help you rediscover yourself. 



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