First Steps to Planning a Summit

Posted In General | Posted On 2 August 2020 | Posted By Stacy Braiuca

What should I do to start planning for my next summit? Once you start thinking about all the little details that go into event planning, you may start to get overwhelmed with the amount of work that’s needed. Here are a few first steps on how to plan your next summit.



The first question you would want to ask is Why? Why do you want to host a virtual summit? Define the goals you wish to accomplish and what you want your audience to get out of the experience. Why am I setting up a virtual summit? 

  • Is it to watch and learn from other experienced peers who have more experience? 

  • Is it to gather your niche group and industry by educating them on similar relevant topics you want to assist them with? 

  • Is it to raise your visibility to a wider audience to gain more leads? 


The next thing you would want to ask yourself is Who? Who are you doing this for? Who is your target audience? Who would you want to have as a guest speaker? Who are some experienced individuals you would like to invite to your summit? How can they help you, your audience, and other speakers out? 



What are the benefits of doing a virtual summit? What can you expect from hosting this event? What niche or industry am I in or most passionate about? What topic do I want my virtual summit to be about? What topic/s would I feel most comfortable with hosting and providing information to my audience about? What do you want your speakers to discuss and what information are you able to offer your target audiences? 


When? Where? How?

Now that you’ve realized your goals of what you want your virtual summit to be, the next questions would be about more of the logistics of the actual event. Virtual summits should be over several days (usually between 3 to 5). The logistics behind the event itself are vital, and sometimes even tedious, but it is important to not rush this process. It’s highly recommended to have at least 3-4 months to prepare this event in advance, sometimes longer for a 4-5 day event. 


As for the where question, ask yourself how you’re going to present this online? What technology are you already familiar with? From figuring out what software you need to host your summit to where you’re advertising your summit, there are many How? questions you would need to ask yourself. For more assistance, the Mindmap Your Summits and Virtual Secrets Checklist can help guide you in planning your future virtual summit. If you need more assistance in helping plan your virtual summit, take a look at the Virtual Summits Secrets Quick Kit offered by Stacy Braiuca!

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