Technology and Platforms to use for a Summit

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Now that you decided to host a summit, you start asking questions: what tools and technology do I need to prepare for a big event like this? What equipment do I need beforehand? What website can help me out with this summit?


One of the first steps to decide is whether the summit will be live or recorded. Summits are usually recorded, but they can also be done "live". However, live summits leave room for more to go wrong (i.e. storm knocks out internet, timing issues). 


Tools for recording

Webcams: Overhead projector cameras, laptop or computer webcams can work in a pinch. However, if you plan on continuing to do high-quality video conferences and summits, investing in a high-end camera such as the Logitech Brio pays off in the long run.


Microphones: Some webcams have decent built-in microphones like the Logitech Brio. In some cases, some laptops already come built-in with a microphone. But otherwise, the Blue Yeti is a great generally podcast-quality microphone.


Video recording platform: If you decide to pre-record your presentation, there are numerous options for video recording platforms, Zoom software is most widely used for recordings and makes it easy to record your screen and webcam at the same time. A few other alternatives we recommend are eCammLive, Zoom, Loom, Screenrecording, Camtasia, Filmora


Live: If you decide to present your summit live, live streaming options such as Facebook Live or Be.Live are available. 


Video hosting platform: Regardless of whether you do a live or pre-recorded session, you need a platform to host your video content. Some commonly used ones are YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia. Even if you do a live summit, you will still need this for repurposing content to market to other audiences who couldn’t make it to the summit or to advertise on your social media platforms.


Video editing software: This is optional but something to consider after the summit is over. Perhaps it was a live session and you would like to add subtitles or other accessibility features to help a wider audience. Video editing software such as Camtasia can help you cut down your content and make it easily spreadable via social media.


To Manage Opt-ins and Attendees:

Things you need to have in place: 

  • A landing page with an opt-in option, 

  • Email auto-responder with info, 

  • Payment processor (used for VIP upgrade access to recordings and "special" features/presentations you want to offer)


You can try to piece this together with the resources you have or there are many all-in-one platforms available at all forms of investment.


Ready to "Summit" platforms:


Corporate Tools:



No matter what route you decide, the team in charge of organizing and planning your summit is your most important resource. We at Done for You Summits™ have an experienced team who have over 10+ years of experience with online events.


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