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Take Your

Summits Online

This service is for you if

  • you want massive exposure

  • you have no idea where to start

  • you want quality production without learning new systems

People hire us to produce their conference, summit, and Live events online.

By leveraging cutting edge systems, software, and automation.

Because, most are...

  • Too busy to learn new software

  • Don't have time to spend on details of a production

  • Confused by the connections between the systems needed in an Online Summit

Our team helps them by setting up the "backstage" of their events, including the systems and processes, connects them to cutting-edge technology so their event can flow and get more leads,

grow a larger fan base and make them stars.


Our production team brings a combined 50+ years of experience in technology, video production, event management, and detailed systems flow together for you.


(All summits require a 90 day lead time & purchase of your own account software. 

This offer is for a 15 speaker summit, additional speakers can be added for additional fees.)

Bottom line... you get a #doneforyousummit™

  • Pre-Production Planning Meeting

    Meeting to discuss your vision, mission, branding, and overall goals for your Summit

  • Speaker & Host Training Webinar

    Exclusive production training from our team to you, your team, your speakers on best practices to create your content for the Summit

  • Speakers & Host Promote using materials created by the Done for you Summit™ Team.

    Swipe Copy for social media, emails, Live Video bullet points created for you

  • Our team does all of your "backstage production" for you!  Don't worry abou tthe tech we've got you covered

    Our team coordinates and creates your Summit (which will run "evergreen" for at least one month)


Sponsors and Speakers from our previous events

Marco Iafrate

Event Sponsor

Stacy was amazing to work with on The Empowered Women’s Summit. The easy to navigate login dashboard, pre-made promotional materials and regular task reminders made handling the technology and planning for the summit very manageable. Stacy’s customer service was also second to none. She is fun to work with and handles challenges with a relaxed attitude. The Facebook group she developed was huge bonus because it was amazing for building community amongst the speakers and participants. In the summit and technology space Stacy is my go to person.

Stacy Westman

Event Sponsor

I'm Stacy, and I was recently an Event Sponsor and Speaker in the Empowered Women's Summit powered by Stacy Braiuca. I enjoyed participating in the summit as it was a first experience for me. I think my biggest takeaway is how many moving parts exist within the framework of a summit, and the realization that there was no way I would have been able to tackle it on my own. I'm happy to recommend Done for you Summits as they have the knowledge base needed to make it work as well as the ability to troubleshoot as issues arise.

Thank you for making my first experience enjoyable and successful.

Paula Allen


It was nice to have a place I could just submit my information automatically.  The system was easy to use from the speaker's dashboard.  The swipe copy made it easy to promote the event.  The Facebook group was amazing because it really felt like we were growing a community of speakers, sponsors, and participants before the event, during the event and we are still growing!