4 Ways to Repurpose Your Summit Content

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So you have just finished a summit, but you don’t have any idea what to do with the great content that you can share with your audience and other potential leads. How can you market several hours of content to the public? Is it possible to condense into more easily consumable videos? How can I best repurpose this to get the best engagement with your audience?   Here are four ways to repurpose your summit content:


Quote ‘em


Throughout the presentation, perhaps one of your guest speakers (or maybe even you!) had an insightful comment or quote that perfectly summarizes their message. There are a few ways you can spread this short quote to your audience. It’s possible to cut down the summit content and feature the guest’s speech onto your social media pages. 

  • Uploading a video of the speaker’s words with subtitles underneath onto social media can help spread their message to a larger audience.
  • If it is possible to transcribe the speech or the part of the speech that was significant, you can upload the text onto social media such as Twitter or Instagram accompanied by an image to attract attention. 
  • Take shocking quotes or sharable statistics that were mentioned and create posts to be uploaded on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Add to ‘em


After an insightful summit talking to your peers and colleagues, you might be inspired to add your thoughts to what someone else has said. A blog or a follow-up social media post can bring new opinions to light. While this may be time-intensive, it brings your insight into what someone else has said. 

  • Blogging can help keep your thoughts organized. Not everyone takes the time to read long essays, so be aware of that!
  • Be sure to include images and hyperlinks about your company or product.

Reupload ‘em


Sure, you already posted this post on Linkedin, but have your audience on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook heard about your event? Take advantage of all the social media pages you own and promote your content on your pages. 


  • It may not be necessary for your business to use all of these social media pages, but it can allow you to reach a greater audience and find new leads beyond your circle of personal connections.
  • Depending on the day or time, you may have more or fewer interactions with your posts. It’s perfectly acceptable to repost your content at a more engaging time. Instagram Business gives your business tools to explore trends and valuable information regarding your Instagram page.


Share ‘em

Linkedin offers Slideshare, a social media site dedicated to hosting PowerPoint presentations. It’s possible to view other industry leader’s presentations packed with insightful content on this site as well.

  • Uploading your slideshows on here is the first step, but to go the extra mile, you can upload a video on YouTube of you presenting the information and adding on to the presentation.
  • You can embed the videos that you create on blog posts or your website to increase SEO optimization. 

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