Shave minutes and hours off of your day!


Does your desk look like the Mount Everest of "to do's" that aren't getting done?

We each only get #168 hours each week. 

Those high power and well known people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, the Kardashians, and the Chewbacca Mom don't get any more hours than we each do.


Seriously.... they don't!

  • Do you struggle to keep track of your day-to-day?


    Are you overwhelmed a lot?

  • Are you ready to achieve maximum productivity through automation and systems?

But I've tried ___ tool before and it sucked. 

But I hate technology... But, but, but...

There are thousands of tools out there that “claim” to improve your productivity. Learn which ones work – and which ones don’t

– and how to use them for maximum effect.


  • Automation?

    ✓ Learn what automation is, & what automation isn't



  • Assessment

    ✓ Assess your current productivity

    & strategies


  • Prioritization

    ✓ Prioritize your automation in a PERSONAL plan for you

  • Millions of Things

    ✓ There are at least a million different "things" you can automate.  Should you automate them all?  Maybe?  Maybe not!  Find out more & why?

  • System & Processes

    ✓ Learn to automate things using a systemic process applied specifically to you; Rinse, and Repeat.

  • Focus & Self-Care

    ✓ The ultimate goal of automation is to liberate your time for self-care because you are in this for the long haul.


To get a #Passport2Productivity,

you gotta #automate2liberate...  

why, you ask?

  • Here’s what you’ll learn in this course:


    • Assess your current productivity & strategies
    • Learn to automate your whole life – from time management to inbox zero to client work
    • Fix your creativity struggles
    • Simplify your lead generation & client onboarding
    • Learn to use Smart Home devices to help your productivity
    • Put it all together in your daily life

Choose the Plan that works for you... 

Passport to Productivity  Membership Pricing Plans

Budget Ready

Crafted for Frugal Thrifters

(worth $11,643)

6 month course content (worth over $1799)


+ 3 bonus modules after full payment and after the 6th month (worth over $299)


2- two hour group coaching calls per month (worth $3588)


2- two one-hour 1:1 coaching calls after full payment

(worth $598)


Lifetime membership in Passport to Productivity Membership VIP Facebook Group, after full payment (worth $4761)



per month

for 9 months

Let's Do This!

Crafted for Self Investers

(worth $11,643)

6 month course content (worth over $1799)


+ 3 bonus modules after the 6th month (worth over $299)


2- two hour group coaching calls per month (worth $3588)


2- two one-hour 1:1 coaching calls during the 6 month course

(worth $598)


Lifetime membership in Passport to Productivity Membership VIP Facebook Group (worth $4761)




One time payment! patient… despite my lack of technological skill… learned so much… in a very short time… she always makes me think.


Tutoring Student, Productivity Client

Before I opened my bakery in Raytown, Missouri, I had a strong and vibrant #socialmedia following I developed using #automate2liberate processes so I have time to engage with my audience.  My business wouldn't be where it's at today without automating!

Morgana B

Gluten-Free Bakery Owner

Stacy helped me go from having a flip phone about 5 years ago to now using a smart phone daily and don't even think about taking it away from me now!

Lee R

Professor, Retired

Get enrolled and started today for just $1997

This passport is for you if you are

  • Struggling with productivity

  • Feeling burnout and are overwhelmed

  • unsure where to begin on your mountain of tasks

Your teacher is Stacy Braiuca,

an entrepreneur, productivity

and creativity coach.

People hire her to leverage automation. Because, most entrepreneurs are...

  • Wasting time tasking manually

  • Using hectic habits

  • Letting key details are falling through the cracks

Stacy helps them set up systems and processes, while teaching them how to use cutting-edge technology so they can get out there and close more deals,

gain leads and make more money.

Bottom line... to get a #passport2productivity, you gotta #automate2liberate

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