Creating the ideal opt-in funnel

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Marketing your business doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does require some work to set up an opt-in funnel, a way for potential customers and clients to receive information about your product/service through emails. Writing and sending emails is still one of the most effective ways to market digitally but how do you get to customers emails in the first place? You need a few things to create an ideal opt-in funnel: a landing page, a page to opt-in for a freebie, and a thank you page. 


Creating an effective landing page


Essentially, a landing page offers a potential customer a resource in exchange for their basic contact information such as their name and email address. Landing pages aim to generate leads while you continue to pull prospective clients down the opt-in funnel. Here are some great examples of landing pages including Uber and Codecademy


Some of the best landing pages include spaces for visitors on the site to learn about the service or product as well as a place to input their information or log in with Facebook or Google, shortening the conversion path to hook visitors in. Ask a lot of questions when creating your landing page? How can you convey as much information about your product in a single page? Not every visitor will take the time to scroll or click to another page. You also have to consider your pre-existing clients. What can the landing page offer for long-time clients? When they come back to the page, are they greeted the same as a new lead?


Freebies and how to get customers to opt-in!


Everyone likes free stuff! Once your customer is on your landing page, how can you convince them to stay? Offer them freebies such as a webinar signup or ebooks and other digital resources in order for them to give them your contact information and stay connected with your brand. It’s difficult to get new customers to buy something but if you were to give them something, that would be an easy hook for new leads! Give them something relevant to your brand or mention that by signing up, you get access to a service/product you were already giving away for free.


Thank you!

Congrats! Your lead gave you their contact information and is interested in your company. The next step is to lead them to a thank you page and let them know how they’re getting the opt-in freebie. Will you set up a system to email it to them automatically? Did they create an account to take advantage of the rest of your products/services that you offer them? Explain, be explicit and transparent about what you are giving to them.


And after thank you?


Once you have your regular lead’s contact information and you’ve established a connection with them, you now have to nurture that trust. They could unsubscribe for any number of reasons, whether that be you sent too many emails or your product is no longer relevant to their needs anymore. Keep your leads involved, ask for feedback and what kinds of emails they would like to continue receiving. Ask questions, allow them to opt-in to a varied number of emails. Maybe they’re interested in X but not Y? Allow them to opt-out of Y, give the customer control. 


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