Moving from concept to brand building.

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So, you have a concept that you want to sell to people? Do you have the next-best selling idea? How can you turn this concept into a successful brand or business? What do you need to move from a concept into a recognizable brand? If you’ve ever had an idea for a business but decided to ignore that genius idea, you just lost a thought that could have saved other people. To avoid this loss of thought, here are a few tips on how you can make your ideas into reality!


Voice your concept 


Even if you have the best idea ever, the best idea is still an idea until you vocalize it and bring it to life onto paper (or digitally as well!) What are some ways you can solidify your concept? Could you brainstorm the essential core beliefs that your concept aligns with? What are some of the goals that you seek to achieve with this thought? Write all of these thoughts running through your head regarding your business. 


One word of advice for anyone who is stuck with figuring out the next part of their concept is to analyze other famous businesses and brands. What makes certain brands recognizable? Their logo? Their core values and beliefs? See if there is anything that you would want to emulate in your own ideas. Is there a cause you care deeply about that you would donate money to? Asking these questions about yourself and your brand can help turn this idea into something sentient with emotions.


Ask the five Ws and H.


Who is my brand? What is my brand? When can people invest money in my brand? Where is your concept located? Why are you passionate about this brand?  And how are you different from your other competitors who are in similar businesses? Think about your ideas in this light and write down the answer to those questions.


Positive impression + uniqueness = brand success 

An idea potentially sparks in the face of audiences. It’s up to you, the person who had the idea in the first place, to decide if the fire will go out or if it will burn strong and consistently. Concepts can’t live on their own, they need you to back them up and market them effectively. No one said it was easy! People come up with grand ideas on a daily basis, but not every grand idea comes into the light. It’s up to you, one who can become the next Apple or Google.

Stacy Braiuca

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